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I am originally from Yorkshire, England.  Before moving to the Cayman Islands 27 years ago, I travelled around the world visiting 95 countries.  So, I have extensive knowledge of international skills.

I have worked on cruise ships, drove an amphibious tour bus, and even co-piloted the wonderful Atlantis submarine! 

18 years ago, I bought my first property here in Grand Cayman and immediately began to take care of the administrative management of the Condominium.

What unites almost all the people who come here is the passion for diving, so with a friend I started Shaggy's diving company.

A year and a half ago I met my soul mate, Selene, whom I married after a few months, aware that the things that make you happy should not be missed.

For almost 50 years my father-in-law has a great experience in real estate acquisition, this is certainly a stimulus and inspiration.

The Cayman Islands are heavenly in every respect: the climate was the main reason that prompted me to want to move here, over time I was able to appreciate the extraordinary people who inhabit these wonderful lands.

The economy and politics are stable, crime is almost non-existent, the Land Registry is well organized and guarantees the ownership of real estate titles.

In such a difficult period of an international character, Cayman offers a COVID FREE life and continuous Real Estate growth, an ideal place to move or simply decide to invest in the acquisition of properties that can satisfy your holidays and / or your economic returns in terms of income.

Let me make your dreams come true!

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